Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter Ate My Week

Technically, I finished late, late Sunday night, chased by a horde of spoiler threats. But it's taken me all week to catch up, on sleep and everything else.

I know lots of people who aren't done yet, and, like MotherReader, don't want any spoilers, not even "it was good" (or not). So I won't be spilling anything here.

But if you're also done, or if you don't care about spoilers, here are two links:

Emily Jiang of TLeaf Readings has painstakingly written a brisk chapter-by chapter summary of Deathly haiku form. (Link via Emily Reads.)

And over in the not-entirely-kidlit-focused blogging world, there is a smart and multi-faceted critique/appreciation/analysis of the book raging in the comments of Phantom Scribbler's HP7 Spoiler Thread. Phantom opened thread at 5:33 AM last Saturday (fast reader, that woman) and it's been going strong ever since.

Now, on to other things. I picked up a copy of a certain other much-anticipated British fantasy at Kidsbooks the other day, (we're still in Canada) and I feel it calling me from upstairs.


Charlotte said...

Goodness, did you like Fly By Night? I was not able to finish it--after 200 pages, I still didn't care about Mosca and co. But I was reading it for Mother Reader's 48 hour challenge, so perhaps was not in the right frame of mind...


Emily Jiang said...

Thanks for the link to my HP7 haiku! I wrote it because I couldn't talk to anyone about the book!

Anonymous said...