Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Bookloft Strikes Again

Who are these people at the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Library? And who are the incredibly game teens appearing in this best YouTube Summer Reading Program Video ever?

Think about it: When you were in high school (or middle school, by the looks of some of these kids) would you have let anyone film you--for the viewing pleasure of your classmates and zillions of anonymous strangers on the Internet--singing show tunes and getting whomped on the head by flying books? All while flogging the summer reading program at the local library??

I don't think I'll see anything nearly this amazing on the Oscars tonight.


Anonymous said...

My favourite part of the Oscars was Pilobolus's human-pyramid modern dance interpretations of movie titles.

I'd love to see them try to interpret the Newberry Awards, and portray a dog's scrotum for 1 million viewers. :-)

- Lise

DawnOfTheRead said...

I actually participated in library promotion videos as a teen...they were live action booktalks called 16 Minutes. So fun. I wish I could get a hold of one now!

Thanks for sharing the video.