Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bookbk’s First Meme

The vicissitudes of life, tax season, and the preparations for two successive family visits have slowed down both the blogging and the Chicken Naming Contest results. I don't want to do something so serious and permanent as naming a chicken while my head is spinning with car rentals and seder food orders, but fortunately I have been tagged with a meme by the impressive Kelly Herold of Big A little a, who challenges her tag-ees to list five non-kidlit blogs they read. That, I think I can handle.

I read a fair number of personal blogs; here are some of my favorites:

The Wait and the Wonder, a ClubMom blog by Moreena, whose 6-year-old daughter, Annika, is currently waiting for her third liver transplant. This blog is thoughtful and occasionally heartbreaking and also not incidentally falling-on-the-floor FUNNY. I mean, funny like the funny that you laugh when you're up till 3 in the morning because you're all so worried and fried and scared and don't know what else to do. But also funny like the parent of two kids who seem to have their respective careers of Goth Fashion Designer and Potty Training Counsultant all picked out.

Kate Rothwell
. The subtitle of Kate's blog is "Mostly about writing romance and selling it," and I don't even read romance (barring the odd Meg Cabot book), let alone write it or try to sell it. Doesn't matter. I like Kate. I like her witty and occasionally obnoxious sons, I like her take on various prejudices, I like her contests. Basically (hmm, I'm sensing a theme here) she cracks me up.

Milkbreath and Me. By Rachel Hartman, creator of The Nameless (but not for long) Chicken, and fearless wrangler of a preschooler, a YA-novel-in-progress, a number of other projects cartoonish and not, and the cathartic Moron Mondays. Also, funny.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda
. One of the great things about personal blogs is the way they can open this little screen-sized window into someone's life on a day-to-day basis. And when you read them over the years, people's lives change. When I started reading Woulda Coulda Shoulda almost three years ago, Mir was a recently-divorced single mom of two young kids, struggling to find a job in a field she didn't particularly love. Oh, and she was obviously an incredibly sharp and talented writer. Now she's the about-to-be-remarried mom of two bigger kids, getting ready to move halfway across the country...and she's working as a full-time freelance writer. It's hard not to love her story, or her blog.

Peter's Cross Station. Another blog where I came for the writing and stayed for the story and because I'd come to care for the blogger. Shannon started writing "Waiting for Nat" when she and her partner were waiting to adopt a baby. Now Nat is a toddler and they're on the list for a second baby. This is probably the most political blog I read regularly; I'm hooked on the personal anecdotes, but Shannon's posts about adoption politics, racism, and other big-world topics are always thoughtful and often articulate things that had never occurred to me.

Whew! That was harder than I thought. In fact, it took so long that most anyone who wants to be tagged is probably tagged by now. If you're not, and you're reading this, I tag you!


rachel said...

Ah, you had to link to me the day I talk about boogers... ;)

Seriously, thank you. I'm proud to be one of your reads.

Genevieve said...

3 of these 5 are blogs I love, so I'd better check out the other 2!

moreena said...

Thank you, too, for choosing me as a read. I always wonder how people react to my blog, bouncing as I do between laughing and crying without even the courtesy of a mood warning at the beginning of my posts. But I think you have described perfectly how laughing can happen at 3 a.m. on a bad morning, and still be the right reaction.

Again, thank you. It's lovely to find your blog through this kind link.