Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two Good Things

I was all set to write a wussy apologetic post about how the Scholastic Book Fair has eaten my brain and sapped every bit of my writing energy, but then the Three Silly Chicks completely made my day by declaring me a winner! Such excellent timing. If there's one day a year when I could do with winning something, it's book fair setup day. Many thanks, chicks!

Plus, the book fair seems to have sent us much less utter crapola than in previous years. And I hid the Bratz books (cleverly positioned on the bottom rack of the pre-stocked cases Scholastic sends, for maximum kid-accessibility) under some Dora and Diego ones.

There's some excellent stuff in those cases, too. Even in the frantic haze that setup induces in me, I spotted The Invention of Hugo Cabret, among several others that I plan on snagging with my book fair credit.

So, not that bad a day, in retrospect.


Sonja said...

I recommend Hugo Cabret. It is mysterious and human, and the illustrations really heighten the mystery and the humanity, pulling you even more into the story. Enjoy!

bookbk said...

Thanks, Sonja! I started sneaking looks at it between class visits today. Several kids were interested, too. And at least one teacher put it on her classroom wish list. It really is stunningly beautiful.

Kathy said...

worst two weeks of my year, my 2 book fair weeks, with set up days being the ABSOLUTE worst (well, until a parent complains, which is inevitable in my school).

My book fair gets here in a month, I guess I will look out for flying dictionaries (I also am famous for hiding the "junk".)