Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scholastic Book Fair: 1. bookbk: 0.

Personal anecdotes are not the focus of this blog, but it does seem relevant to note in this space that the Scholastic Book Fair literally attacked my brain today.

I was roving around the library, checking the good-stuff-to-licensed-crap ratio in the big prestocked bookcases, when a dictionary leaped from its spot on display atop one of the cases and fell on my head, hard pointy corners first.

It didn't quite knock me unconscious, but it sent me reeling and hurt a lot more than you'd think. I've been dizzy all day. I think I have a concussion.

It's hard to avoid suspecting that the Spirit of Scholastic Books, Inc. was exacting vengeance on me for hiding the Bratz books and moving the Barbie Activity Set to an inconspicuous spot. So the question is: what would be a suitable act of reprisal?


Susan said...

Burying all the feathered/and or glittery pen sets in the schoolyard?

bookbk said...

Oh, very good! I *hate* those feathery pens, and the diplay thingy always falls over. They got smart and didn't send us any this time, though.

And I can't bring myself to do any harm to the troll pens with their anxious little faces.

Anonymous said...

I too hate parts of the bookfair. This year they cut my number of book cases. When I called to complain, the representative told me they did not cut the number of shelves, I received smaller shelves than last year. You could have fooled me - they are the same crappy shelves with dents in the top so large that books will not stay on top, unless you want them to fall off on unsuspecting students.

Anonymous said...

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You are absolutely right when you mentioned the other companies hold “captive audience for a gadget fair” It is converse to the “wholeness” of what a book fair should be. And I don’t like the fact that Scholastic dumps their stuff off and leaves us to do all of the work. I pull my hair out each year doing these.

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Thank you,

Peggy Reiling
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